Direction/Screenplay: Francois Ozon
80 min. Color, 1998, 35mm/video French w/English subtitles
CAST: Evelyne Dandry, Francois Marthouret, Marina De Van, Adrien De Van

A conventional French family lives in apparent harmony... until one day the father brings home a pet rat. As each member of the family comes into contact with the rat, hidden sexual and psychological desires are brought out. SITCOM is an outrageous farce that shatters the flawless veneer of the bourgeoisie and humorously challenges the family values of a standard sitcom.

Selected Film Festivals:
The Museum of Modern Art and the Film Society of Lincoln Center's New Directors / New Films, 1999
Cannes 1998, Critics Week

"There's plenty to amuse and entertain as conventions get flouted within an inch of their lives."

"Too evilly funny"
-Janet Maslin, NEW YORK TIMES

"SITCOM is consistently inspiried, imaginative and fearless. SITCOM is most gratifying and lots of fun..a darkly outrageous satirical farce."